Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Internal Chinese Martial Arts?

They are a time-tested method of Chinese calisthenics often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is based on the theory of exercising the chi or internal force flowing through the meridians of the body.

What systems are taught at the Chinese Internal Martial Arts Center?

  • Tai Chi Chuan, based on the theory of Tai Chi
  • Hsing I Chuan, based on the theory of the 5 Elements
  • Bagua Zhang, based on the theory of the Eight Trigrams

Why should I learn the Internal Martial Arts and what benefits will I derive from them?

  • Physical Fitness
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stress Reduction (which increases the effectiveness of the immune system)
  • Improved proprioception, posture, balance, and coordination, therefore reducing the possibility of falling and creates better body control and allows the body to perform more graceful movements.
  • Exercises the life force (chi)
  • Self Defense
  • Enhanced concentration and focus
  • It is a life-long activity that can be practiced in limited space (Twentieth Century Tai Chi Chuan Master Yang Cheng Fu said, "Only a 4' by 4' space is necessary").
  • Non-impact exercise
  • Low maintenance after learning.
  • After perfecting the exercise, most of the quality practice can be done at your convenience, in the privacy of your home or in a park.
  • Cost effective (Eliminates the need for expensive health clubs).
  • Delays the aging process (Sun Lu Tang, another Twentieth Century Master of Tai Chi Chuan and the Internal Chinese Arts, said "To live healthy to an old age and to postpone the ill effects of the aging process." The purpose of Internal Chinese Martial Arts.

What is the most important qualification a good instructor must have?

Authentic Internal Martial Arts can only be taught by a traditional Teacher of Chinese Martial Arts, whose expertise extends not only to form but also to function and Martial Applications as well.

Last modified: August 2017